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About Me



         With my photography I seek to entertain, inform, and surprise – to inspire reflection and offer respite. I wish to connect the viewer with the complexities of the natural world by providing pictorial gateways to mindfulness of our place in this community to which we all belong.

          Derived form the natural world, my landscapes and abstracts invite the viewer to 'lands beyond' – both external and internal.

          In portraits of flora and fauna, I seek compositions that capture individuality, expressiveness and beauty. To me, opossums, vultures, and mantises are just as exquisite and essential as blue birds, dolphins, and monarch butterflies.

          When creating an image of a single Baltimore oriole, for example, I hope to engage viewers with his grace, colors and patterns, as well as to encourage them  to gaze into his eye and consider what he needs to live, what he might be going through, how he contributes to our shared web of life.

          Ultimately, by documenting the unparalleled beauty of wildness, loving the unlovely, and capturing little noticed niches, I seek to spark active concern for the protection of the world that supports us all.

          I have exhibited at The  Anderson Museum of Art,  The Putnam County Museum, The Putnam County Public Library, Putnam County Convention Center and Visitor's Bureau, Wasser Brewery, regional garden shows, fairs and nature festivals. I have work in local businesses and homes throughout the country . Since 2010,  many of my images have appeared in the Indiana Native Plant Society's quarterly journal.


           I live in the woods with my husband and pets near Greencastle, Indiana ,where I serve on the boards of  the Greencastle Arts Council and  Beyond Homeless. Through the Castle Arts program, I have done presentations  to elementary students about the life cycle of butterflies, patterns in nature and  basic animal classifications. The National Audubon Society ,The Nature Conservancy, Heifer International, UNICEF and  the National Wildlife Federation receive my support on a regular basis.


           Prints are available for purchase at The Putnam County Museum, and Conspire: Contemporary Craft in Greencastle, and Gallery on the Square in Danville, Indiana. Blank greeting cards and prints in a variety of formats and sizes may be ordered through the contact portion of this website.

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